A successful ‘Made in Italy’ story, beginning in 1986, when the Mangano siblings started a journey to find a style that was seductive and avant-guarde. Starting in their home garage, they reached, in few years they built a brand hiring hundreds of staff members and fashion executive stores in Italy and abroad (shops & outlet).

The secret of their success is a  cool mix of dressy atmospheres and overseas connections, together with a great passion for every aspect of life, that breath in their collections (new collection).

MANGANO CORPORATION SRL lines are created after a deep analysis and research in the latest trends; they produce every item using the best raw materials on the market.

MANGANO CORPORATION SRL distributes its creations through different channels, to satisfy every market demand: here is the classical show-room,  the executive fashion stores, partnership stores (partnership program) and the newborn online store and e-commerce (shop on line).

MANGANO CORPORATION SRL grew and still grows based on the solid values and dedicated commitment its staff members give to their job and on the endless passion, constant research and attention to details.

A winning style that also the international market rewards, thanks to an expansion project starting in 2009, opening the first Chinese store in Shangai and a Chinese Headquarter. Today this project led to the newborn MANGANO CORPORATION SRL China Corporation with its headquarter in Shangai.

MANGANO CORPORATION SRL goal is to change the classical style concept breaking the usual standards, defining a new trend, more global and self confident, a high quality standard style.


Mangano is not just style, it’s style with passion.