If you wish to change the size or you are not satisfied with the item you ordered, no problem: you have fourteen (14) working days from receipt of goods to notify us that you want to return the item. For each order it is allowed a single request for return, change of size, or refund of the item (excluding shipping costs).

We remind you that it is allowed to make a single return for each item and that return requests will not be authorized for items received as a replacement.

To make the return you have to:

1. send an e-mail stating your order number, name, surname, items you wish to return and the desired compensation: size change, color change, item change or refund;
2. fill the form below in every detail;

3. send the box through express courier to the address:

Via Traversa Alcide De Gasperi 31
25060 Collebeato (BS)

4. pay shipping costs for return.

Once we receive your returned item/s, MANGANO CORPORATION SRL has thirty (30) days to replace, refund or change the size of the item/s. In case the requested size is not available, we’ll get in contact with you the soonest via e-mail.

We only consider requests meeting the following requirements:

- items and packaging in the same conditions of delivery.

- Items have never been washed or used

- Items are provided with original labels

In the event that any of the above requirements is not matched, you are not entitled to a replacement or refund. In this case, the item will be returned at your expenses.

The refund will be completed within thirty (30) days after receipt of the package through PayPal or X-Pay by credit card or by bank transfer for cash on delivery.
MANGANO CORPORATION SRL will not reimburse any order until it has successfully received the product and checked the conditions of the same; upon completion of the quality check by the competent office, the administrative office will deal with the reimbursement.

For any further information please contact our Customer Service:

What is your Refund Policy?

If you asked for a refund, we will credit your refund within thirty (30) days from receiving your return, using PayPal MANGANO CORPORATION SRL will not refund you until the item you want to change will be checked and Quality Office will verify its conditions. If the item follows our quality policy, MANGANO CORPORATION SRL will provide the refund.

When do I receive the refund?

Once the quality conditions will be approved, you will receive an email confirmation for PayPal credit

If you have any question, please email our Customer Service at

Download our return form here.