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1. Our policy


Anyone has the right to protect personal data. Mangano Group Ltd. respects the rights of its customers (users) to be informed regarding  collection and other operations in processing their personal data. Processing data that may directly or indirectly identify your person,  we try to respect a principle of strict necessity. For this reason, we have configured so that the use of your personal information is  minimal and exclude the handling of your data when its purpose in individual cases may suffice anonymous data (such as in market research to improve services) or through other arrangements, identifying the subject only if it is necessary or at the request of authorities and police forces (as, for example, to traffic data and your stay in the website or your IP address).


Decisions about processing your personal information and tools used including security are    Mangano Group Ltd. competence, as the owner of the process of users’ personal data  under the Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, No. 196 (Privacy Code). This Privacy Policy provides you with all relevant information to understand how we collect and use information that identifies users at For any further information about our Privacy Policy you can send requests to the email address


2. Who processes your personal information, how and for what purpose

  • Mangano Group Ltd. is the owner of the processing of users’personal data  at; deciding  purposes (aims) and methods of processing data and tools to be used and  security options.


Your personal data (information) are collected and processed by Mangano Group Ltd for purposes strictly related to the use of the website, to its services and purchase of products on the website. Your personal data (information) may also be used in other processing operations, however, in compatible terms with those purposes. In particular, your personal data may be processed for the following purposes:

 -  as a part of the registration processes  to the website, we collect your personal information (such as e-mail address, your personal details, password) using the  registration form to provide access services to areas and services reserved by and for sending the Newsletter by e-mail where expressly required;

-  to provide support services (customer service), we collect your personal information (such as e-mail address and password) for necessary purposes to give you all the information about the services of and product purchase on;

-  as a part of the processes of product purchase  on , we collect your personal information (such as, data, e-mail address, postal  address, credit card and bank details, telephone number) through the order form for the sale of products on;

-  as a part of the request for technical assistance services, we collect your personal information to provide you with information about the problems of navigation, browser compatibility and viewing or loading web pages;

-  in the development of the Wish List, we process your data for purposes of personalization services to product purchase on


Your personal information is processed mainly in electronic format and in certain cases also in paper format, such as when processing of your personal data is necessary to prevent fraud on

Your personal information will be kept in such form that allows your identification for the strictly necessary time  the purpose for which the data were collected requires and subsequently processed and, in any case, within the legal limits. To ensure your personal data are always accurate and updated, relevant and complete, please provide any changes to the following e-mail


Your personal information will not be communicated to third parties for purposes not permitted by law or without your express consent. In addition to companies processing your data, your data is also made available to third parties, independent data processing parties for purposes related to the provision of equipment and services required by the user (for example, in transactions relating to purchases ).  For details, see what is said later in paragraph 5 (who share your personal data). At any time, You can obtain an updated list of data processors  writing to the following e-mail address:


In addition, your data may be disclosed to law enforcement or judicial authorities, in accordance with the law and after formal request by those entities, for example in  anti-fraud services for manganoshoponline.


In all these cases, your consent is not required. Your personal information will not be transferred abroad to other countries not ensuring adequate levels of protection of individuals. In case of  necessity  to provide services or to close a contract with Mangano Group Ltd for the product purchase , please trust that that the transfer of your personal information to countries that do not belong to the European Union and which do not ensure adequate levels of protection, will be carried out only after the conclusion between Mangano Group Ltd, and the owners of specific contracts containing clauses for the protection of your personal information, in accordance with law and regulations.


Please note that Mangano Group Ltd. deals with personal data of its users only for purposes strictly related to the provision of services on, the close of contracts for the  sale of products and, with your consent, to communicate new business promotions closely related to activities and services of the website.

Mangano Group Ltd processes your personal information (data) for direct marketing purposes, including electronic mail, only with your consent.


The purposes for which your personal data are processed will still be specifically disclosed from time to time, in the text of that statement  that the Mangano Group Ltd shall submit subjects on the page where the user is requested the transfer of personal data.


It may happen that Mangano Group Ltd. is to process personal data of third parties that were notified directly by their users  to Mangano Group Ltd., for example if the user has purchased a product to be delivered to a friend or when the subject that corresponds to the price for the product purchase is different from the entity in which the product is intended, or even when the user intends to recommend to a friend a service or product for sale on


In all these cases of obtaining the consent of the person to whom the information relates before communicating it to Mangano Group Ltd, and to inform about this Privacy Policy, because you are the one and only responsible for the communication of information and data to third parties, without they have specifically requested, and for their misuse or contrary to the law. In any case, Mangano Group Ltd., to the legal extent required , will fulfil the requirement for information to the user's signal and, if necessary, require the consent, upon registration in the archives of its  personal data.


3. What will happen if you do not release to Mangano Group Ltd. your personal data


The supply of your personal data to Mangano Group Ltd, and in particular of personal information: your e-mail address, your postal address, your credit / debit and bank details and phone number, is necessary to close the contract to product purchase on


Some of these data may be (could be), however, necessary for the provision of other services provided on the website at your request or to fulfil  requirements imposed by law or regulation.


Refusal to indicate Mangano Group Ltd. some of  your data, needed for such purposes, may make it impossible to execute the contract for the product purchase on or to provide other services available on - such as to provide support services (Customer Service) for sending the newsletter, use the Wish List,  show a story to a friend - or even to properly fulfil its obligations in law and regulation. Failure to include the data may therefore constitute, as appropriate  and justified legitimate reason not to process the contract of product purchase  on or provision of services on


The indication to Mangano Group Ltd. for more data other than those of mandatory contribution, for the purposes of fulfilling their legal or contractual obligations or to provide certain services on request, however, is optional and does not have any effect on Use of the Website and its services or to products purchase on


Depending on the circumstances and, if necessary, from time to time, we will inform you on the mandatory or optional nature of the disclosure of your personal information to Mangano Group Ltd. We will specificate   the mandatory or optional nature of the communication of your data, putting a special character ( *) for mandatory on Please note that failure of the optional personal data will not lead any obligation or any disadvantage to our users.


 4. Who would be communicated with your personal data


Personal data will be available to  third companies that carry out, on behalf of the Mangano Group Ltd., specific services, as a controller or disclosed to other recipients of the data collected by Mangano Group Ltd. - whose names will be specified -, which process  data in an autonomous way only to process the contract of product  purchase on (for example, Banca Popolare di Sondrio, for  processing of electronic payment services remotely through  Credit / debit card, if you decide to buy a product on  and only when that purpose is  conflicting with the purposes for which your data were collected and subsequently processed and, anyway, in accordance with law.


5. How we collect your data on


Mangano Group Ltd. collects personal information directly from its users and other information as a part of the registration process online or sending order forms of product  purchase on the website for the closing of electronic commerce transactions.


These data are processed by Mangano Group Ltd. within the limits and objectives outlined in the information presented in the section of the user specific data collection, including the possible communication to third parties for purposes of delivery service mode you  requested, as specified in paragraph5.

Mangano Group Ltd. reserves the right to delete all accounts of registered users and all data, in case being detected illegal content, damaging the image of Mangano Group Ltd., and / or products thereof and other persons, or however offensive or promotes illegal activity, pornography, inciting violence, promoting discrimination on race, sex, religion and sexual orientation.


6. Security measures


We have taken security measures to minimize the risk of destruction or loss, even accidental, of data, unauthorized access or  not allowed treatment or not in accordance with the purposes described in our Privacy Policy.
However Mangano Group Ltd. cannot guarantee its users that  measures taken for the safety of the website and the transmission of data and information on limit or exclude any risk of unauthorized access or loss of data.


We recommend you to  ensure that your computer is equipped with software devices for Protection of network transmission of data, both incoming and outgoing (as updated antivirus systems) and that your Internet service provider has taken appropriate measures to security of data transmission network (such as firewalls and spam filters).


7. Cookies uses automatic systems for data collection, such as cookies. Cookie is a device that is transmitted to the hard disk; it does not contain intelligible information but it allows the user to associate personal information (such as, for example, when collecting the user's IP address and other information on the website or to stay in the user preferences expressed in the choice of site services and products purchase  through the service) issued by it on using automated data collection, such as cookies.


Cookies are placed by our server and no one can access the information on it. This information and data are collected directly and automatically from the website and use as part of its own functioning. This information and data are then processed in an anonymous way and aggregated for business purposes and optimization services the needs and preferences of users of the website.


We have prepared the cookies respecting  the functions of selecting the nation, browsing the catalogue, online product purchasing and in general the provision of services reserved to registered users.

As you may know each internet browser allows to delete cookies after each session. The browser contains instructions on how to delete cookies, so please follow them. Consent to automated data processing and the use of cookies are necessary to use the site and its services, including product purchase. If you activated the deleting procedures, MANGANO CORPORATION SRL can not grant the total visualization of some webpages or the correct functioning of some services, as chronology and browse history during your online visit and purchase.. Cookies are inserted by our server and no one can access the information on it. Data and information are directly collected and automatically stored from the website and are part of its correct functioning. These data are then treated anonymously and collected for commercial purposes and to optimize services to improve following our customers’ needs.


Opt in/Opt out


MANGANO CORPORATION SRL may use your data to send you promotional news and direct marketing, using also e mail. If promotion is about items similar to what you purchased, MANGANO CORPORATION SRL may send it to your email address even without your declared consent, if you did not deny the use of your personal data when asked or lately( art 130, comma 4, d lgs 196/2003), while your consent will be necessary to allow emails about items different from the ones you already purchased. MANGANO CORPORATION SRL may also use your data to give you services you asked ( as Newsletters)

Anytime your declared consent will be necessary, we will inform you and ask you to allow or refuse your consent to process your personal data for the above purposes, including your email, clicking on the related box. We inform you that MANGANO CORPORATION SRL can use your data without your consent in cases according to law as when necessary to fulfil a legal obligation, as when necessary to fulfil contract obligation towards customers ( as when you ask for specific services on

We inform you that MANGANO CORPORATION SRL grants its customer the right to prevent receiving communications through services you formerly accepted, without needing motivation and in every moment

Your right to access data and other rights

You always have the right to ask MANGANO CORPORATION SRL to have confirmation your data are stored even when not yet registered and request their intelligible form. You have the right to have from MANGANO CORPORATION SRL


Your right to access data and other rights

You can always ask MANGANO CORPORATION SRL to confirm you your personal data existence even not yet registered and their communication in intelligible mode

You have the right to have from MANGANO CORPORATION SRL information on the origin of your personal data; purposes and ways your data will be processed; how your data will be electronically processed and why; to identify the owner and reliable entities processing data; listo f people or categorie sto which these data may be communicated or allowed to read them as, for example, owner or reliable perosn in data processing. Part of these informations are in our Privacy Policy page; to have further information, please email us at 

You always have the right to ask MANGANO CORPORATION SRL :

  1. updates, correction or integration of your personal data:

b. deletion, transformation in anonymous data or blocking your data illegally used, including those not necessary to the purposes for which they have been collected or processed

c.Confirmation that procedures as at a. and b. are to knowledge of third parties to which these data have been communicated, unless this becomes impossibile or need ways clearly exaggerating compared to the right they might protect.


You have the right to oppose completely or partly to:

For legitimate reasons to your personal data

.processing concerning the purpose of collecting.

.processing personal data concerning sending of promotional material or direct marketing or marketing polls or business communication

You can in any moment use your rights according to the law with a request to MANGANO CORPORATION SRL mailing to, where we provide immediate reply


Links and other websites


MANGANO CORPORATION SRL does not monitor other websites and their contents and shall not be hold reliable of these sites’ contents and policies they adopt on personal data collecting and use and use of your personal data and privacy during your visit. We invite you to pay attention when you visit these websites through our links on and read carefully their policies on privacy. Our Privacy Policy as stated on does not apply to third parties’ sites and MANGANO CORPORATION SRL is not reliable for their Privacy gives link sto these sites only to ease its customer’s search and surfing and ipertext link towards other websites in the internet. Activating these links does not imply recommendations by MANGANO CORPORATION SRL to visit these sites and ptrust in their polizie, services and items in their sites during your. 




If you need further information on how MANGANO CORPORATION SRL uses your personal data, please email us at To know your rights and be informed on polizie protecting individuals, we invite you to visit


Applicable law


This Privacy Policy follows the Italian Law referring to the Code in personal data processing protection (dcl 30 giugno 2003 n 196) ruling personal data processing also stored abroad made by any resident   or having Headquarters in Italy or using tools located in Italy.

This Code grants that personal data processing respects fundational , the individual dignity, especially referred to confidentiality, personal identity rights and freedom and the right to peotect personal data.


Changes and updates in Privacy Policy on


MANGANO CORPORATION SRL may change or update totally or partially the Privacy Policy on also in case of changes or updates in the legislation concerning protection of personnal data.

Changes will be notified on home page as soon as they are approvedand will rule our policy as published on the website. We invite you to visit this section per verificare la pubblicazione della più recente ed aggiornata Privacy Policy di