Pubblicato in 08/07/2020

Leather fabric is enriched with embroidery and applied elements. This is one of the fashion content that completes the MANGANO, an ongoing value of the brand that transmits its romantic rock soul. The "Chiodo" with the embroideries of irreverent angels is original and quotative. A tribute to the iconic Angels of Elio Fiorucci, the revolutionary importer of a free and unconventional lifestyle. The return of a look that translates into two crowned "putti" in anarchy punk style, surrounded by embroideries of stars and butterflies that praise love against all conflict. "Make love don't make war" is the embroidered pay-off, an invitation that comes from Seventies until today.

Styles meet, collide, blend, sometimes clash with each other. The message is strong: everyone is master of her own image and through what she wears, she can tell her story.